Millions of Coronavirus Vaccine Doses Were Delayed by This Week's Brutal Weather

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Amidst all of the other bad shit that’s been happening over the past few days, the administration of millions of coronavirus vaccine doses were delayed on account of the horrible and historically bad weather gripping the United States.


The White House said on Friday that this week’s snowstorms created a backlog of about six million coronavirus vaccine doses, The New York Times reports. This amounts to about three days worth of shipping delays and has affected vaccine distribution in every stateincluding Texas, where, according to the Times, over 400,000 first doses and 330,000 second doses were held up.

Speaking of Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has requested that the President upgrade the emergency declaration he signed on Thurday to a major disaster declaration, which would allocate an even wider range of assistance through the Federal Emergency for Texans simply struggling to survive right now. Biden said on Friday that he would “sign that declaration once it’s in front of me,” per The Texas Tribune.

As many as 58 deaths nationwide have been linked to this week’s brutal weather, the Times reports, including instances of car accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, hypothermia, house fires, and drownings.

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I’m very happy that Texans are getting help, however it pisses me off to no end that their state gov’t consistently has this separatist philosophy except when it comes to natural disasters.