Millionaire: Actually, Billionaires Are Smart and Good

Image via Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo.
Image via Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo.

According to Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci, a hedge funder and Republican fundraiser whose nickname is “the mooch,” it’s weird that anyone would question Trump’s decision to appoint a Cabinet that is so far made up entirely of millionaires and billionaires. Extremely wealthy people are actually great, this millionaire suggests.

A pool report via the Guardian’s Lauren Gambino documented a lively three-minute interview between reporters and Scaramucci in the Trump Tower lobby Friday afternoon, in which Scaramucci posited that criticism of the President-Elect’s billionaire-heavy administration is “categorically unfair” and constitutes a “demonization of success.” The sheer fact of their wealth, Scaramucci ventured, must mean that “certainly they’re super talented.”

He went on to explain that country’s superrich aren’t hoarding cash, nope! At least not... literally: “What you’ll find about some of the nation’s billionaires, it’s not like they have their money located in a swimming pool in $100 bills. Their money is actually in their businesses, they’re in the capital accounts, the capital equipment structure of their businesses and they’re putting people to work in those businesses.”


In conclusion, according to the report: “I really want to push back very strongly on this whole billionaire criticism. Why is it so bad to be a billionaire ok?”

Yes, why indeed?

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Apparently, Trump supporters are against elitism as long as that means a person is well-educated and intelligent.

Being a rich greaseball who sucks the economic lifeblood out of this country is just success.