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The Washington Post reports that three military personnel are facing allegations of “improper contact with foreign women” while traveling on President Trump’s recent Asia trip. The Defense Department has confirmed that an investigation into behavior of personnel on that trip is underway.

The Post reports that the three service members worked for the White House Communications Agency, which works with White House officials to provide secure communications. The officers are accused of breaking curfew during Trump’s Vietnam trip.

This sort of thing has happened before, and not just under the Trump administration—in 2012, the Obama administration faced scrutiny after 13 Secret Service agents and officers were accused of taking prostitutes back to their hotel rooms in Cartagena, Colombia. The investigator who led the inquiry into this incident was himself forced to resign after allegations that he had solicited a prostitute in Florida; meanwhile, Secret Service security lapses put the Obama family in physical danger a... surprising number of times! More recently, members of Mike Pence’s security team were relieved of their duties after bringing women back to their hotel in Panama.

And thus concludes another inspiring trip abroad by the US government.