Mike Pence To Unironically Receive a 'Working for Women' Honor

Mike Pence and some women. (Image via Getty)
Mike Pence and some women. (Image via Getty)

Mike Pence, a prolapsed anus in a hairpiece, has made no secret of his hatred of women. He gutted funding for Planned Parenthood in his home state of Indiana, signed a law banning abortions for fetuses found to have disabilities, and actually enabled an HIV outbreak thanks to his distaste for testing centers. Naturally, he’s being honored with a “Working for Women” award by the “Independent Women’s Forum,” a conservative non-profit for which Kellyanne Conway is a board member. Ah, it all makes sense now.


A press release sent to the Cut describes the...honor...thusly:

“The award recognizes an individual who values free markets, works to create a more dynamic and innovative work world, and celebrates the valuable contributions women make to society.”

According to its website, the mission of the IWF is to “improve the lives of Americans by increasing the number of women who value free markets and personal liberty.” Just to be clear, an award from a group that celebrates “personal liberty” is going to a man who is working feverishly to curtail the rights of women to control their own bodies. This is like giving Idi Amin a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian efforts.

Some of IWF’s other unappetizing opinions include the line that the pay gap exists because women just want more flexibility and fewer working hours, with the group’s Vice President Carrie Lukas penning a 2007 op-ed in the Dallas Morning News arguing that “many women may not want to follow the path toward higher pay–which often requires more time on the road, more hours in the office or less comfortable and less interesting work–but they’re better off not feeling like victims.” Hooo boy, okay.

The festivities will be held on Wednesday at the Capitol Hill Club in D.C., and it promises to be a great time.


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