Mike Pence Just Wants to Be an Astronaut

Image via Getty Images.
Image via Getty Images.

After the Trump Administration attempted to drain the swamp, clogged the toilet, figured they’d deal with it later, is finally knee-deep in overflow, culminating in our present all-hands-on-deck emergency which is drawing comparisons to the Nixon tapes, Vice President Mike Pence spent the entire day tweeting about NASA.

PBS reported that Vice President Pence cancelled a scheduled interview this afternoon at the last minute, soon after former F.B.I. director James Comey released his first written statement ahead of tomorrow morning’s testimony. The statement recounted mafia-like interactions with the president, indicating that he was indeed asked to let the Michael Flynn probe go. Meanwhile, the Vice President tweeted seventeen times about space.


The relaunch of the National Space Council is Donald Trump delivering on one of a small handful of viable campaign policy promises, to put astronauts on American spacecrafts again. NASA ended its expensive shuttle program under the Obama Administration, with the goal of directing more resources into Earth sciences and studying climate change. But by God, we’re going to space.

To be fair, it is Mike Pence’s birthday. The party on Air Force Two was “out of control.”


Happily he got a NASA cake.

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Straight from 45's playbook, here comes the melted Ken doll with some nonsense to distract people from Comey’s testimony.


You can go and fuck off into space; only Mother will miss you.