Middle School Students Face Charges for Allegedly Throwing a Small Piece of Wood at Trump's Motorcade

Photo: AP

While much of the country continued to debate the ethics of protesting and punching Nazis, an extremely punk middle schooler threw a piece of wood at Donald Trump’s motorcade on Saturday afternoon. Trump was leaving the site of a rally in Florida where he’d implied that Sweden had just suffered a terrorist attack (it hadn’t), and lied about a bunch of other stuff too. But a trusty hunk of wood in the hands of a pissed tween never lies.

The Washington Post reports that the Florida student confessed to throwing the “2x4” wood block, which the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office had described in a statement issued earlier that day as, “what was believed to be a small hard object.” Well, that’s what it was.


The child who threw the large splinter in the direction of the president’s motorcade implicated four other students in his actions, which caused no injuries to people or serious damage to vehicles. It’s not clear how the other children might be involved in throwing this single piece of wood.

CNN reported that, according to the sheriff’s office, charges will be filed with the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office.

A CNN correspondent covering the story on the ground noted in her dispatch that the president, “travels in a limo called ‘The Beast’ that is armor-plated,” like an actual super-villain.

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