Michigan Governor Appoints Posthumus, Dick to Be Chief of Staff

Image via Getty, art by Joanna Rothkopf.
Image via Getty, art by Joanna Rothkopf.

On Thursday, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced he had appointed a Dick Posthumus to serve as his Chief of Staff.


“Dick is an unwavering public servant whose positive attitude and commitment to teamwork and the reinvention of Michigan have already helped steer Michigan’s comeback over the past six years. There are few people in this state who can compare to Dick Posthumus when it comes to having a depth of knowledge about state government and how it should be serving the people of Michigan,” Snyder said in a statement.

“Michigan has come a long way but that doesn’t mean we get to coast now.”

Snyder is currently facing the possibility criminal charges for his connection to the Flint drinking water crisis. His legal defense would cost taxpayers $3.5 million. Congratulations to the Dicks of Michigan for coming together.


Senior Editor, Jezebel

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I had no idea who this guy was so I read the headline as “Governor appoints dick to be chief of staff, posthumously”.

Which, given the level of knowledge and recall the GOP is showing lately, wasn’t too much of a stretch.