Michelle Obama's Final Interview As First Lady Will Be With Her Good Bud Oprah

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Image via Getty

Oprah Winfrey will be the last person to interview Michelle Obama before the Obamas leave the White House in January, taking with them our sanity.

FLOTUS’ final interview, First Lady Michelle Obama Says Farewell to the White House — An Oprah Winfrey Special, will air as an hour-long special on CBS on December 19, with a follow-up airing December 21 on OWN. According to Variety, the conversation will focus around “life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and her eight years as First Lady of the United States, the legacy she’ll leave behind, and her plans for the future.”

Oprah has interviewed her pal Michelle on several occasions, including for a 2009 issue of O magazine. In June of this year, the pair spoke on stage together at the White House’s United State of Women Summit, which opened with Oprah screaming, “We are here for the United State of Womennnnnnnnnn!” and where they covered topics like self-worth, handling “haters” and how men can be better.

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Fuck Oprah and her constant Christian proselytizing.