Michelle Fields Inadvertently Doxxed by BuzzFeed, Fox News, Inundated with Threatening Messages

Former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields has been run out of her apartment after BuzzFeed and Fox News apparently accidentally published her personal information in unredacted copies of Corey Lewandowski’s police report.


The release of that information caused Fields, 28, to be flooded with threatening voice messages. She told The Blaze that she had since moved out of her apartment since she no longer felt safe living there.

Both publications have since taken down the police reports, though Jezebel has confirmed that they were both posted with Fields’ personal information, including her address, phone number, and birthday.


Since Fields reported that Trump’s campaign manager aggressively grabbed and yanked her during a press scrum in Jupiter, Florida, she has become the victim of an unyielding torrent of attacks on her reputation from the campaign itself and cyberharassment from Trump supporters.

Lewandowski, 43, is scheduled to appear in court in Florida next week, where he’ll face up to one year in jail for simple battery. Trump has said that Lewandowski will not be fired even if convicted. The properly-redacted version of the report is accessible here.

Neither BuzzFeed nor Fox News responded to request for comment.

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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