Mia Love Knows Exactly What Is Up

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We may disagree with Rep. Mia Love on abortion rights, equal pay, and appropriate uses of taxpayer money, but we can all strongly concur that flinging one’s heels off and reveling in the freedom of unimprisoned arches feels fucking fantastic.


Run wild and free, Rep. Love, away from the smoldering dumpster fire of a week your party had.


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Love, pictured in October 2014. Photo via AP Images

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Kenny and the Llamas

Counterpoint: If Mia Love does it, it is wrong. That is a proven constant. The parenthetical (R) after her name is scientific notation for “a complete fucking moron.”

I’m sorry, people who wear heels, but we now have concrete photographic evidence that taking them off is not the thing to do. Honestly I expected a different result, but science.