Member of Mike Pence's Secret Service Detail Suspended For Soliciting Sex Worker

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Guarding Vice President Mike Pence, a hollow gourd filled with asbestos fibers, is probably a tedious slog of watching him eat dinner with Mother night after night. A member of his Secret Service entourage is now in trouble for doing something the Pence family definitely frowns upon.


CNN reports the unnamed agent charged with protecting the life of our VP was busted leaving a hotel room in Maryland after the manager called police to sex-narc on him. A source told CNN that the secret service agent’s discovery was not part of a sting operation, simply the fortuitous outcome of a nosey admin.

The agent reported his arrest for solicitation to the agency himself and, according to a Secret Service spokesperson, he is being investigated by the Office of Professional Responsibility. While the spokesperson did not acknowledge exactly what went down, they admitted “an alleged incident” occurred, adding, “We are exploring the full range of disciplinary actions.”

Meanwhile, the agent is on administrative leave after turning in their gun and gear, as well as losing access to their security clearance and all Secret Service facilities—the gym, the sauna, the room where Donald Trump sheds his skin every six weeks.

This isn’t the only scandal to hit the department since Trump took office. In addition to Secret Service asking for loads of money to rent out floor space in Trump real estate, one agent lost his laptop left in a car that contained safety protocol for evacuating that very Tower. There have also been prostitution cases in the Secret Service agency in the past, most notably in 2012 when eight agents lost their jobs after bringing sex workers back to their hotel room on a presidential trip to Colombia. But this time, you can imagine Mike Pence gnashing his teeth over it.

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The only thing worse in Mike Pence’s mind would be talking to any woman that isn’t his wife.