In an interview Monday night on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry spoke with Senator Bernie Sanders about his appeal to millennials of color. “Hip hop is, like, completely down with you. You appear on WorldStarHipHop more often than the Kardashians,” she joked, causing an giddy, knowing smile to fill Sanders’s face. “What do you think is so interesting about you for the hip hop generation?”


Does Bernie Sanders have any idea what WorldStarHipHop is? Maybe. Maybe not. But he had an answer for her question that required him to say “Kardashians” more than once, which is a nice treat.

“You’re having me compete with the Kardashians? That is tough competition, there. And if we’re holding our own with the Kardashians, I think we’re doing pretty good.”


Sanders goes on to explain that his appeal to WorldStarHipHop readers likely lies in his ability to relate to their “economic self-interest as well as their idealism,” but shared no opinions regarding Scott Disick and Chris Brown’s newfound friendship.

You can watch the full interview on MSNBC.

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