Melania Trump, Lakers Fan

First Lady Melania Trump—home decor maven—certainly stood out on Tuesday when she and President Trump had tea with Prince Charles and Camilla at Clarance House. Wearing a canary yellow (or, as my colleague Megan Reynolds put it, “piss yellow”) dress with fuschia-accented sleeves and matching fuschia shoes, Trump looked like a literal ball of sunshine in the royals’ very muted parlor. A very muted parlor that looks it was decorated by someone’s nan in the ‘50s and hasn’t been touched since.

Jezebel staffers are in agreement that the coloring in this photo is chaotic. What we’re not in agreement on is Melania Trump’s outfit.

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Unfortunately, I’m a fan of the look. Melania Trump may have the decorating instincts of Maleficent and the moral compass of a worm, but the woman does a mean Jackie O cosplay. But mostly, I want the dress for myself; I love a ‘60s silhouette and the bright yellow with the pop of purple is a nice touch.

Reynolds would prefer that the dress’s colors were inverted. Meanwhile, senior writer and royals obsessive Kelly Faircloth suspects the dress just wasn’t right for the setting.

“I think part of what is bothering me is the yellow and fuschia against the dull Clarence House retro colors,” Faircloth wrote in Slack. “It looks like Big Bird wandered onto the set of The Crown.”


Fair enough, Faircloth.

Fair. Enough.

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