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Uncooked chicken breast Donald Trump is not doing well with the ladies, although he would sooner die than admit it.

Recent polls have showed his favorability numbers with female voters plummet—an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that just over half of Republican women surveyed said they could support the candidate; another New York Times/CBS News poll found that women viewed him unfavorably by more than three to one. To attempt to distract America from his repeated, unyielding misogyny, he’s enlisted his wife, Melania Trump.

On Monday evening, Melania, who has been largely silent throughout Trump’s campaign, joined her husband for a grotesquely coddling Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was given the opportunity to speak for approximately one-eighth of the 40 minute interview. Here’s all of what she said:

On being there:

“Of course, it’s great to be here.”

On why she didn’t want Trump to run:

“Well, when we discussed and he ask me I said, ‘You know, we have a great life.’ Because I know life changes after all that’s going on... It changed a lot and you know he’s not home much with me or with my son. So, it’s changed. That’s why I said, but I know what he could do for the America, so.”


On attack ads:

“I have a tough skin. I think it’s not fair that they are attacking a family, a wife or children. It’s unfair.”

On Trump being more presidential:

“Sometimes I feel that the retweets sometimes get him in trouble. So, just, I said, ‘Stay away from, you know, stay away from retweets.’ And if he would only listen. I could nag every day and every time, but he’s doing great.”


On Trump’s secret side:

“I think he’s very kind. He has a great heart. He would not harm anybody, he would not harm women or men. He’s really a great, great guy with a beautiful heart and he loves to help people.”


On advice she’d like to give Trump:

“Well as we discussed before I said, you know, tweeting and be more presidential, and he has a, you know, great nights and he can be presidential but sometimes he cannot stand that somebody attacks him. Because if somebody attacks him he will punch back 10 times harder.”


On whether Trump is anti-woman:

“I think he’s the man, he respects women, he hires the women on the highest positions and he trusts them and he’s the one that he will take care of them. He is the only one.”


On the one question she wishes someone would ask Trump:

“I think they need to ask him many, many questions, yes. That doesn’t come in my mind.”


On watching Trump get attacked:

“We know what comes with territory, you know when you go into that, you know what it... what’s coming up. And we have a thick skin. I’m explaining to my ten-year-old son and he understands too. He needs to get thick skin. You know, it’s life. Life is not a bowl of cherries.”


Thirsty for more Melania content? Here is her most recent tweet:


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fondue process

And we have a thick skin. I’m explaining to my ten-year-old son and he understands too. He needs to get thick skin. You know, it’s life. Life is not a bowl of cherries.”

I almost feel bad for her (and actually feel bad for the kid). She sounds so.... resigned to her fate.