Melania Chooses Spaghetti

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On Tuesday, at a town hall in Las Vegas as part of her three-state tour promoting her “Be Best” initiative, First Lady Melania Trump talked about the opioid crisis and then tried very hard to seem like she enjoys spending time with her husband. Fox News commentator Eric Bolling then used some of the question and answer portion of the town hall to discuss, naturally, the Trump family’s favorite meal.


“What would you cook for you and the president if you had everything at your... exposed to everything? Any type of food, what would you cook?” Bolling asked Melania, whom he called “Lady M” throughout, for some reason.

“I didn’t do that yet, honestly,” she replied, laughing. She then shared that she has “really no time” to prepare snacks for her son and her adult husband “when he comes home late.” Fair enough!


Still, Bolling pressed her again: “If, if the family had one choice for a meal as a group, what would it be?” (The exchange starts after the 1:15 minute mark):

Melania then paused for a good ten seconds, a smile widening on her face, like a rictus. Bolling, attempting to be helpful, offered up some suggestions—perhaps McDonald’s, or, oddly, a casserole.

“Um, maybe spaghetti,” she offered, finally.

“There we go. There we go,” Bolling replied.

There we go.

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Eh, I don’t like to admit this but she’s growing on me. I don’t cook either; I don’t feel that sort of expectations should just be hoisted upon wives. And I get her genuine struggle to figure out an answer to Bolling’s gender role normative question.

I mean, I don’t fault her for getting tripped up on a cooking question.  She doesn’t cook, and she doesn’t have to.