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Is there anything as touching as a family reunited? Melania and Barron Trump have officially joined the family patriarch in the White House, and everybody looks thrilled!

As the Hill reports, mother and son purportedly remained in New York for the first few months of Trump’s presidency so that 11-year-old Barron could finish the school year. But summer is here, which means Melania will once again share living quarters with her dearly beloved spouse.


The First Lady has, however, at least feigned happiness on social media. This evening she posted the following tweet:

Photos of their arrival seem to tell a different story. And yet—do I discern handholding in the second photo? Perhaps romance isn’t dead!


FLOTUS’s parents, Amalija and Victor Knavs, have been living in Trump Tower with their daughter and grandson. However, they were with the Trumps on Sunday night and are likely to become familiar faces in Washington, D.C.


Happy homecoming, everybody!

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