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The post office is shutting down on Wednesday in tribute to former and bad president George H.W. Bush, but the women of The View paid tribute earlier this week by getting into a fight on daytime television over dumb shit that no one cares about. I am moved.


The segment, which aired Monday, opens with Whoopi Goldberg talking about how Bush was exemplary of “how you can still not agree with somebody, but be respectful of somebody,” which is representative of the many ways in which people have sanitized Bush’s political legacy because the post-Donald Trump bar for good presidents is apparently ignored the AIDs crisis but didn’t empty his diaper on the Lincoln monument, and then the panel’s remembrances quickly descend into a fight.

Soon after, Joy Behar brings up Bush signing the Clean Air Act as a way to, again, pretend that Bush was a good and respectable president. She then mentions how Trump “is trying to unravel everything that he did and Obama did.” McCain quickly interrupted and tried to shut Behar down for criticizing Trump:

McCain: Can we focus on the president, please? I just, I don’t want to talk about Trump and—

Behar: Well, I do for a second, so excuse me.

McCain: —we’re honoring a great president who passed—

Behar: Excuse me for a second, please. I want to talk about the difference—

McCain: But we’re honoring—but I’m not interested in your one-issue—

Behar: I don’t care what you’re interested in and I’m talking! Damn it.

McCain: I don’t care what you’re interested in either, Joy!

Goldberg: You know what? We’ll be right back!

But what if you’re not right back instead?

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