Illustration for article titled Maybe Dont Quote a 19-Year-Old Trump Supporter Who Gives His Name as Jack Mehoff

Earlier today the Baltimore Sun published a typical local politics story: locals attend a rally for Donald Trump, locals offer opinions on presidential candidates, local reporter sketches the scene. Great, it’s a fine story, the kind of story everyone who still reads newspapers can read almost every day during election season.


But it looks like the Baltimore Sun got an extra dose of local color from a 19-year-old Trump supporter who claimed that his name was “Jack Mehoff”:


It’s not particularly surprising that a teenage boy would think that “Jack Mehoff,” is the height of comedy. It is a bit surprising, however, that a reporter and harried copy editor didn’t immediately realize that they were the receiving end of a Simpsons-esque joke.

On Twitter, the Sun said that editors were looking into the name. This confirms my closely held belief that no one should ever talk to teenagers, particularly ones at a Donald Trump rally.

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