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I am a tad concerned about where presidential candidate Marianne Williamson gets her information, between the New Age bullshit and outright conspiracy theories she’s brought up in interviews and on social media. And very briefly, early Monday morning, Williamson seemed to believe Donald Trump had pardoned Charles Manson, a thing that did not happen.

First, she tweeted that Trump pardoning Manson was a “dog whistle,” then deleted it:


Then she tweeted a correction noting Trump did not, in fact, pardon Manson, but she also deleted that one:

I delete tweets all the time—usually when I think they’re not funny and are therefore ruining my otherwise hilarious timeline—so of course I understand Williamson’s impulse to rid herself of some hastily typed-out shit.

But a) Williamson is still (inexplicably) a presidential candidate, and presidential candidates can’t just go around tweeting out unsubstantiated information even if the actual president does that all the time, and b) someone traced this particular piece of fake news to a satire site called, whose recent headlines include gems like “Breaking News... Trump Presidential Library To Be Located In Moscow” and “Alabama Zygotes Take Advantage Of New Status.”


It’s unclear if Williamson is getting her news from a website called, or if she saw the story reblogged under Daily Kos’s banner (it looks like it was picked up by an unmediated “community” poster) and got confused. Whatever the case, it certainly seems like Williamson has a habit of reading unvetted stories and outright falsehoods, internalizing them as true, and then tweeting them out to her significant following. Things like:



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