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Marianne Williamson, onetime Democratic presidential primary candidate and full-time potential sorceress, has endorsed Bernie Sanders.

Williamson made the endorsement at Sanders’s massive rally in Austin, Texas on Sunday. Sanders swept the first three states in the race and is now the frontrunner in the Democratic primary, a point Williamson, a Houston native, drove home. “He won Iowa. He won New Hampshire. He won Nevada,” she told the crowd, according to the Washington Post. “Bernie Sanders has been taking a stand for a very long time. We’re here, and we’re with Bernie.”


She posted a full statement of endorsement on Twitter:

I’m not sure a Williamson endorsement brings much to the Bernie campaign, other than the few anti-vax GOOP crowd stragglers who were dazzled by Williamson’s campaign promise to fix the country with love and the healing properties of rose quartz. Still, nice to see Marianne again in corporeal form! May she alight from the astral plane to bless us with another visit soon.

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