Marco Rubio Stops Being Polite, Starts Getting Real

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Former Republican presidential candidate and soon-to-be ex-Senator Marco “Roboto” Rubio has oiled his hinges and let off some steam via one beautifully catty late night tweetstorm directed at the Washington Post.


In a meandering, somewhat arbitrary list of politicians who the Post says will “never” be Donald Trump’s vice president, Chris Cillizza spoke to unnamed sources “close” to Rubio and declared him “sort of betwixt and between when it comes to his next move.” According to Rubio, these unnamed sources do not know him and do not know his life, and why doesn’t the media just go die?!


Ummmmm, newsflash, The Media: Marco Rubio could not be less at sea in terms of his next step politically! Unnamed sources say he doesn’t even like the ocean!


Boom! Serve me up another slice of this sarcasm pie, I am loving it!


Wow, thanks, tastes good! (@liliana9105 votes chest)


What a wonderful series of almost okay jokes and marginally stinging burns. Welcome back to Twitter, Marco Rubio!

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Can’t help but wonder how colossally hungover Marco is this morning.