Man, What a Weenie

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Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, owner of the most punchable face in all of Congress, has been doing his very best to set himself up for a presidential run in 2024 as a Trumpian white populist. Just last week, in a clear bid to win the hearts of Trump supporters everywhere, Hawley announced that he would object to certifying President-Elect Joe Biden as the winner of the election.

On Monday night, in response to Hawley’s bold anti-democratic move, a small group of protesters from the group ShutDownDC paid a visit to his home in Vienna, Virginia and held what they called a “vigil for democracy.” According to a video posted by the group, the protesters held signs with messages like “You don’t have the votes” and “Trump lost;” chanted slogans like “Hawley, Hawley, shame on you, Biden-Harris won through and through;” and read messages through a bullhorn from voters who are upset that Hawley is, as one activist put it, “trying to undermine democracy.” At one point during the vigil, three of the protesters walked up to the door of Hawley’s home and left a copy of the Constitution; at the end of the 30-minute action, they propped up some signs against a tree, left some candles, and thanked the police officers who were there.

Honestly, pretty tame stuff! As Patrick Young, one of the organizers, told the Washington Post, “This was not threatening behavior. This is people engaging in democracy and engaging in civil discourse.”


But to Hawley, these activists are “Antifa scumbags” who “threatened” his wife and daughter and engaged in “leftwing violence,” by which I can only assume he means every person’s right to engage in peaceful protest. (And as we all know, “Antifa” loves the Constitution as well as Joe Biden.)

Hawley didn’t stop there, working himself into quite a lather over a group of pro-democracy activists who were rightfully calling out his attempt to override the will of the people and didn’t even throw a tomato at his house:


Hawley woke up on Tuesday morning still fuming over people exercising their First Amendment rights:


Man, if you’re going to try to pull some authoritarian, anti-democratic bullshit, at least don’t be a weenie about it. What a snowflake!

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Sandwich Librarian

at the end of the 30-minute action, they propped up some signs against a tree, left some candles, and thanked the police officers who were there.”

So the cops just stood by while theyscreamed through bullhorns, shouted down my wife when she asked you to leave, vandalized property, pounded on our door, and terrorized neighbors.

I think this guy has a bigger beef with the cops than he does with ANTIFA.