Lorretta Sanchez, Girl, Don't Do That

Sanchez speaks during her animated debate performance. Photo via AP

California Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and state Attorney General Kamala Harris are both running for Senate, which is an exciting and noteworthy moment for women in politics. But let’s focus on what’s really important: one of them used Wednesday night’s debate to awkwardly and bizarrely punctuate a point by... dabbing. Loretta Sanchez, girl: please don’t do that.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, there is really no logical explanation for why Sanchez decided to dab when she ran over her allotted speaking time, but dab she did:


Look, here’s a video, while we’re still all wondering what the hell:

Harris, as we can see, had a priceless reaction: a brief, shocked pause, and then, as she tried to contain her laughter: “So there’s a clear difference between the candidates in this race...”

“There definitely is,” Sanchez interjected.

Naturally, this turned into an opportunity for a brief Twitter insult war between their campaigns. From Harris’ communications director:


And from Sanchez’s spokesman, who said this is—oh Christ—a clear indicator of why Millennials support her:


I do not say this lightly: This is almost as bad as the time Hillary Clinton tried to dab.

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