Liveblogging From Inside the Beast--It's Day 1 of CPAC

Kellyanne Conway speaking at CPAC on Thursday. Photo via AP

The Conservative Political Action Conference—a sort of conservative cosplay event where women in red sheath dresses and men in their finest khakis gather to say rude things about liberals—officially began Thursday morning. Sebastian Gorka, who may not be a national security expert but certainly plays one on TV, is wandering around talking to randoms, and Ken Bone has his own booth on radio row. Who said America wasn’t great?

But I digress. Jezebel reporter Prachi Gupta and I will be reporting live all weekend from inside the belly of the beast, the Potomac Ballroom at the Gaylord Hotel where Republican luminaries like Kellyanne Conway, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz and Sheriff David Clark have already spoken, and to great applause. Truly—anything could happen. And we’ll be liveblogging the whole thing.


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