Listen, Republicans Do NOT Support the Actual Nazi Who Just Won This Republican Primary

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As predicted, Holocaust denying neo-Nazi Arthur Jones has won the Republican primary in Illinois after running unopposed in the state’s Third Congressional District. Republicans are disgusted by this completely foreseeable turn of events.

The New York Times reports that Jones will almost certainly lose to his Democratic opponent in the general election, but he is still, at the moment, an actual Nazi running as a Republican in 2018. Republicans, perhaps uncomfortable with this fact, programmed robots to try and stop him.

From the Times:

The Illinois Republican Party has sought to distance itself from Mr. Jones in recent weeks, blanketing the district with campaign fliers and robocalls urging voters to “stop Illinois Nazis,” according to a robocall script provided by the party. Mr. Jones said he had received three robocalls himself.

“Arthur Jones is not a real Republican—he is a Nazi whose disgusting, bigoted views have no place in our nation’s discourse,” Tim Schneider, the Illinois Republican Party chairman, said in a statement. He said the party had urged voters “to skip over his name when they go to the polls” and moving forward planned on “vehemently opposing Jones with real campaign dollars.”


Ah, a man with bigoted views that have... no place.... in our nation’s.... discourse. The Republican Party would never tolerate a thing like that.

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