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Welcome, Sen. Lindsey Graham, to an extremely long list of Republicans who have suddenly and dramatically changed their tune.


Politico reports that Lindsey Graham, a relative moderate who has compared the choice between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to “the difference between being poisoned or shot,” said Cruz was possibly “worse” than Obama (gasp!) on foreign policy, and less than a month ago joked about how easy it would be to get away with murdering Cruz, is now endorsing Ted Cruz.

From Politico:

According to the invitation reviewed by POLITICO, which could be in its draft stages, Graham will headline a fundraiser for Cruz on Monday at Clyde’s Gallery Place. Tickets start at $1,000.

The event, which is held the same day Cruz will address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is described as a fundraiser to “honor and support a great friend of Israel, and the Jewish people, and the next President of the United States, Ted Cruz.”

“He’s the best alternative to Donald Trump,” Graham said in a statement.

Oh? In what...way?

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