Lincoln Chafee Might Be in Brazil, But I’m Still Searching All of Philly For Him

PHILADELPHIA — It is day three of the Democratic Convention, and I have still not found Lincoln Chafee. It has come to my attention that perhaps this is because he is in Rio.


From Jez reader Michelle:

I just saw on the news that his daughter, Louisa Chafee, is competing on the U.S. Sailing Team in Rio. She was being filmed in RI on 7/25 and mentioned she had just returned from training in Rio. She graduated in 2014, so she’s probably around 23.

[...] So my theory is Chafee went with Louisa to Rio and either just got back (now recovering) or is sticking around for the Olympics.

From Jez reader Vincent:

He’s going to Rio. His daughter, Louisa, is a member of the 2-man USA catamaran team.


Rumors are flying everywhere, and I can’t make heads or tails of it!

Because I haven’t had confirmation from Lincoln Chafee himself—I would also accept an email from Louisa (congratulations, Louisa! Please don’t touch the water!)—I have continued my search.


Today, I printed out fliers:

Flier art courtesy of Bobby Finger.

And put them on all the seats in the convention center’s press briefing room:

Photo by Ellie Shechet.

I also took this search to the streets of Philadelphia:


I’ll keep looking.

This has been Looking for Lincoln, a series in which I look for Lincoln Chafee. If you know where Lincoln Chafee is, please email me. (For more of this journey, follow us on Snapchat at jezebeldotcom)

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