Libertarian VP Candidate Bill Weld Kinda Sorta Tells Supporters to Go Ahead and Vote for Hillary

Image via AP Photo.
Image via AP Photo.

Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld, whose running mate Gary Johnson is more passionate about fucking mountains than mastering policy basics, has been experiencing a public existential crisis about his role in this election for a while now. With a recent statement, Weld circled ever-closer to the hilarious and prudent conclusion that no one should actually vote for him.

Although Johnson has clung onto the notion that his quixotic candidacy has some kind of higher purpose, Weld has seemed, uh, less sure. He’s praised Clinton, even remarking that he’s “not sure anybody is more qualified” than Clinton to be president; Weld has also implied that he’ll become a Republican following the election, and was rumored last month to be dropping out.

His statement, released on Tuesday at a press conference in Boston, notes that “given the position of the Commission on Presidential Debates, the deck is still stacked against even a credible third party ticket with two proven former Governors.”


“Against that backdrop, I would like to address myself to all those in the electorate who remain torn between two so-called major party candidates whom they cannot enthusiastically support,” he writes, going on to predict that Trump would become “unhinged” if elected, and asserting that Trump “makes me fear for the ultimate well-being of the country.”

Without ever mentioning Clinton, Weld’s statement—which acknowledges both that third parties aren’t viable options, and that Trump is historically dangerous—urges the electorate to vote for her.

“This is not the time to cast a jocular or feel-good vote for a man whom you may have briefly found entertaining,” Weld concludes, referring to Donald Trump—although, of course:

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“Vote Hillary” is the only political position Weld holds that I agree with.

Libertarian candidates are cute until you realize that they are all old white men who were emotionally stunted at age 15 and who still think that Ayn Rand had some good ideas .