Let's Give It up to Trump and Pence for Having Wives and Daughters!

Yesterday, in honor and celebration of pieces of ass and things we presumably do, the GOP give itself a pat on the back by clarifying on social media that Trump has appointed a ton of women, actually. In September 2017, the Guardian estimated that only 20% of nominations for top jobs have gone to women, putting Trump “on track to assemble the most male-dominated federal government in nearly a quarter-century”–but whatever, they made a photo album! They could think of seven women, then they threw in Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Karen Pence. “Take a look at some of these leading ladies,” they offer:

Contrary to mainstream belief, @realdonaldtrump has appointed more women to senior-level government and campaign positions than previous administrations. He’s empowering ALL Americans with his winning agenda. Take a look at some of these leading ladies.#WomensHistoryMonth


Eeeey take a look. Women stumping for the guys, talking to refugees from “shithole” countries, doing the full-job of clarifying that no, actually, the president’s not a sexist racist. Probably not weighing in on healthcare issues. Out of the non-related seven, two are billionaires, and one succeeded a man. Fellow slideshow stars Linda McMahon, Seema Verma, and Ronna Romney McDaniel are around, even if you don’t see or hear from them often.

And while you’re at it, check out this Cabinet meeting. Winners, am I right, ladies?

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