Let's All Watch Mark Zuckerberg Get Repeatedly Humiliated by the Progressive Women of Congress

It is Thursday. The earth is dying. Ease your mind with a two-minute video of Mark Zuckerberg getting his shit handed to him by progressive women in Congress.


Senior editor, Jezebel

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Wait a sec, I’m a little unfamiliar with who the woman in pink is, but she seems like a buffoon. She asks him a seriously dumb question, he starts to answer saying his time would be better spent doing something else other than being a content monitor (that’s true, he’s vastly overqualified, and literally no CEO in the country is a content monitor), and she interrupts him saying, “Mr. Zuckerberg, you’re claiming my time.” What the fresh hell is that? Asks a question and then does not allow the person to answer, interrupts them, and then assumes a bunch of shit. What a crappy thing to do. I haven’t watched a lot of congressional shit, but if this is the level to which all congressmen/congresswomen stoop to, it’s no wonder the country is in the state that it’s in...