Candy Carson, wife of retired neurosurgeon and sleepy adult Ben Carson, is passionate about music. And now that it’s the holiday season, she’s made it her personal mission to spread Christmas joy.


Bloomberg recently accompanied Carson, who sings and plays the piano and violin, into the recording booth. She was working on her new album, A Very Candy Christmas, which features the Carson America Singers—all campaign employees with music in their hearts.

“Most nights, if we’re home, I’m on the piano usually. Just doing praise songs. After dinner, that’s what I do,” she told Bloomberg. “And Ben will fall asleep listening to the music, and I’ll say, ‘Well, have you heard all the ones you wanna hear?’ ‘Did you play this one?’ And I’ll say, ‘Well yeah a while ago.’ And he’d say, ‘Aw, well, can you play it again?’”


Sounds like a loving home!

In honor of her album dropping just in time for Christmas week, let’s all take a minute to appreciate Candy for a change.

Even Ben is getting into the spirit!

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