Leaving the Trump Administration Doesn't Mean You're Done Talking Shit About Jared and Ivanka

Image: AP

Former White House chief of staff and forever bad man John Kelly took some time to talk to Bloomberg about his two-year tenure in the Trump administration, which he described as “very hard,” “very meaningful,” and “not very enjoyable.” He also, as he is wont to do, talked some shit about Jared Kushner and First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

When asked if it was complicated to have the president’s family working for the administration, Kelly said, “They’re an influence that has to be dealt with.” Then, to clarify that he was absolutely talking about Jared and Ivanka, he continued: “By no means do I mean Mrs. Trump. The first lady’s a wonderful woman.”



Kelly also discussed leakers and egos in the Trump White House, which he surely doesn’t miss. At least after this Bloomberg interview, he can return to his nice, relaxing job of being complicit in detaining asylum-seeking children and separating them from their parents.


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