Jenna Bush Hager and her mother Laura Bush went on The Tonight Show to promote a children’s book they wrote about appreciating nature—an interesting sentiment, considering their family’s ties to the oil industry—and ended up chattin’ about another thing they appreciate: dad’s childlike, nightmarish paintings.


George W. Bush, whose passion for art was discovered in 2013 when a hacker unearthed several astonishing self-portraits of the ex-POTUS in the shower and bath, has evidently ignored the haters and continues to tear it up in the studio.

“He’s doing a lot of painting,” Laura Bush said of her husband, adding that “you’ve only seen the very early ones.” Sure, Laura.


Jenna added: “There was actually a period where he only communicated through his ‘art.’ He would send Barbara and me a text that said ‘Going on an airplane’ and would do a stick figure of an airplane.” From there, apparently “it took off,” which is how this happened.

“Well maybe for the next book, he has to do at least one in there,” Fallon said politely, showing a copy of Our Great Big Backyard.

“Well, he doesn’t really do drawings like this,” answered Laura.

“No, these are amazing, these are fantastic,” agreed the host.

In the words of Dubya:


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