Laughing About Sexual Assault Helped Billy Bush Learn to Have Empathy for Himself, Mostly

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Cry time again, cry babies.

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • Billy Bush is back on your television and will never judge another person ever again. “I look forward to sitting with people who have been through something,” he said in a Tuesday interview with CBS This Morning. “And I hope that they look forward to sitting with me, because they know, ‘Well, there’s one person that’s not gonna be gettin’ super-judge-y on me from their perch.’” What an incredible lesson to take away from your experience of laughing while a powerful man describes a pattern of sexual assault to you. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Jon Ossoff, a Democrat from Georgia who lost a close race for a House seat in 2017, is challenging Republican David Perdue for his Senate seat. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  • A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration from enforcing new asylum restrictions while a legal challenge plays out in the courts. The new rule aims to make it exponentially more difficult for people from Central America to claim asylum in the United States. It’s fucking awful and will absolutely endanger people’s lives. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Fewer people have health insurance now, which is good news if you were worried that too many people had health insurance. (I am thinking of Paul Ryan, specifically.) [Politico]
  • John Bolton got fired, the lucky guy. [New York Times]
  • This is terrifying:

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:


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Mortal Dictata

So today was Day 1 of the Not An Election Campaign.

AB de PJ found himself in the most multicultural primary school classroom I’ve ever seen, which is definitely not designed to boost his tarnished image when it comes to BAME and women regarding his jovial history of casual racism and loud arguments with his partner that sees the police called, along with professional Private Pike impersonator Gavin Williamson, who clearly has loads of experience in education given his previous jobs of selling pottery, chief twit whip to Maybot,and fucking up DefSec by leaking, to talk about their promises to give massive raises to teachers and “level up” education spending.

This is the party who’ve given teachers pay cuts and forced schools to resort to begging charities for money to buy textbooks. Nice ain’t it...

It’s also being reported that behind the scenes he’s starting to realise that No Deal is a dreadful idea, only took three years eh. Apparently there’s movement towards the backstop and that his brilliant new idea is to accept some customs divergence between Northern Ireland and Great Britain to avoid a hard border, so essentially one down the Irish Sea, which would be brilliant if it weren’t for the fact this was announced as a DUP red line more than two years ago...

Meanwhile Mediocre went to his natural habitat of the awkwardly titled Trade Union Congress’ annual congress to give a speech about improving workers rights. A lot of it is stuff I agree with, such as a Ministry of Employment Rights, a national agency for workers, and sectorial pay bargaining (which is now mostly only done in the public sector). Of course the problem is do I trust the people who are meant to deliver this, people like Rebecca “I can’t cope without a script” Long-Bailey (also known as “Wrong-Daily”), an MP of four years, and Laura “I’ll never be friends with a Tory” Pidcock, an MP of two years, both with zero experience of industrial relations who appear more focused on PR interviews about how pure their politics are so are unsurprisingly seen as “future leaders” of the party. The answer of course is no, you wouldn’t trust them.

He then also had to spoil the show by revealing his Brexit stance for Labour which is another referendum of a “credible” Leave option (with no outlining of what that is) vs Remain, meaning there’s the strong possibility Labour could end up negotiating a deal only to then campaign against it...