Ladies Man John Kasich Asks Woman If She's Ever Been on a Diet

Losing presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich is an asshole, and he’s worked tirelessly to build that reputation from the ground up.

At a town hall in Dubuque, Iowa on Tuesday, Kasich took a question from a woman in the relatively small audience (only 50 people) about government corruption.

In an MSNBC clip, Kasich is seen talking about his experience balancing a budget which seems to be the only thing we ever see him talking about. But then, he pauses to make sure his talk is resonating with the question-asker.


“Have you ever been on a diet?” he asks.

“Many times,” she responds.

“Okay, you’re the perfect example,” he laughs. “You set a goal and you reach it and what happens? How about a little spumoni? How about a trip over to Mario’s? You ever go to Mario’s? We were there last night. How about a little spumoni? How about a piece of garlic bread? What happens is the discipline—”

Oh my god. We understand how budgeting works.

This is not the first time Kasich has demonstrated his offensive impulse to talk to women like they are children he totally gets. One month ago, he appeared at a town hall at the University of Richmond during which he told one female student he didn’t have any Taylor Swift tickets, and another that she looked like she got invited to all the parties.


Kasich is currently polling at 2 percent in Iowa.

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AllieCat demands hats on cats-is probable weirdo

Okay so let me explain the budget in a way you ladies can understand. You know how when you use the herbal essence on hair and it makes you so happy you make the orgasm sounds which always makes me laugh cause there is no female orgasm? Well that’s how I want to feel about the money the U.S. has. Or to put it simply I love a balanced budget the way Carrie loves shoes or Cathy loves chocolate. But, Ack!, right now it’s like I have to say a little prayer-because the budget is marrying your best friend and you’re sad because you’re 28 and that’s really old and you’ll probably never say yes to the Dress. And all you have is a kitten calendar and spanx, does that make sense? Or to put it simpler, right now, it’s like Ben and Jerrys ran out of cookie dough icecream but you’re still eating it. How are you eating it if it doesn’t exist? awww never mind, sweetheart. You make us a nice casserole and I’ll do the numbers in the den.

I’m asking you a question at a town hall. I can’t make you a cassa....

Shhhh be a doll and grab me a scotch while the men talk.