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The first two Democratic presidential primary debates are happening later this week, and on Monday we got a glimpse into how the candidates are preparing for their respective five to six-minutes of speaking time. Cory Booker, naturally, is doing push-ups because he just can’t help himself; Bernie Sanders is resisting the efforts of his advisors because he “has little patience for mock debates;” and Kirsten Gillibrand has been getting ready by channeling the spirit of the most petty among us. (That would be Mariah Carey, specifically.)


From the New York Times:

“We have contrast with Biden, we have contrast with Bernie, we have contrast with — maybe a couple with Kamala,” Ms. Gillibrand said, ticking off rivals one by one. “We have contrast, certainly, with Bennet. I don’t know what Andrew Yang — what his platform is, so I don’t know if I contrast with him. And I don’t know much of Mayor Pete’s platform.”


She doesn’t know her, okay!

Senior reporter, Jezebel

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I feel really bad for Gillibrand. She’s been in the Senate for awhile and has been a pretty good Senator. In a normal race, she’d be seen as a contender. Instead she’s in the backhalf of 25 candidates as all the attention primarily went to some guy who lost a Senatorial race in Texas and a 37 year old Mayor who’s biggest appeal seems to come from his looking 12 and speaking a billion languages