Kellyanne Conway Violated Federal Law, Is Sure to Face Discipline From Law-Loving President

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The Office of Special Counsel (OSC)—not to be confused with Special Counsel Robert Mueller—has found that Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act twice by “advocating for and against candidates” during the Alabama Senate special election. Whoops! Unfortunately, all the OSC can do is ask her boss, noted rule-follower Donald Trump, to “deliver appropriate disciplinary action.”


According to the report, Conway “impermissibly mixed official government business with political views about candidates” during media interviews last fall. During a Fox & Friends spot, for example, Conway said that then-candidate Doug Jones was “weak on crime, weak on borders. He’s strong on raising your taxes.”

But it kind of sounds like Kellyanne will be just fine, as the White House has not demonstrated itself to be appropriately sensitive to concepts like “the law” and “breaking the law.”


“Kellyanne Conway did not advocate for or against the election of any particular candidate. She simply expressed the President’s obvious position that he have people in the House and Senate who support his agenda,” deputy press Secretary Hogan Gidley said in a statement. “In fact, Kellyanne’s statements actually show her intention and desire to comply with the Hatch Act—as she twice declined to respond to the host’s specific invitation to encourage Alabamans to vote for the Republican.”

Yes, what a peach!

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As someone who has worked in the government before, this is something that they hammer you on as a workerbee hard and often that openly campaigning publicly for a canidate while in employ of the Federal Government is grounds for dismissal and other punishments.

Things we were told we can’t do:
-Put a sign in our yard for a candidate 

-Wear buttons, have bumperstickers on our car for a candidate

-Donate to a candidate’s election campaign or fund-raise for a campaign.

-Publicly support a canidate, or speak against another.

We had to sign off an acknowledgement that we read/saw and understood these rules during orientation, and had periodic refreshers.