Kellyanne Conway would like you to know that she certainly did not say anything mean about President Lord Emperor Donald Trump, so do her a solid and don’t listen to a word that Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough say.

On Monday, the newly-engaged couple and hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe said that after appearing on their show during the campaign, Conway would immediately begin to trash Trump after defending him on air, alleging that she said her dislike for the man who would somehow become president made her feel like she needed to take a shower and that she was only doing it for the money.


Conway’s blind dedication to saying whatever it is she needs to say so she doesn’t get fired is admirable. The New York Times reports that on Tuesday, she responded to these allegations in a tweet declaring her fealty to the President.

Part of me thinks that she’s just saying this because she is actually good at her job — defending Donald Trump in public despite the fact that everything he has done in the first months of his presidency have been indefensible. The rest of me thinks that she’s so deeply in it that she will never, ever be able to extricate herself. Lucky for her, I don’t think they’ll be wheeling her out to talk to the TV people anytime soon; there are larger, more pressing issues at stake.

Let the record show that Kellyanne Conway does not hate Donald Trump. She is loyal to him. She will not cross him. She does not feel the need to shower after speaking of him in kind. He is certainly a “transformative” president, I’ll give her that, but not necessarily in the way she means. Somehow we both see eye to eye there.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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