Kamala Harris Is Trying to Get President Trump Kicked Off Twitter

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Kamala Harris is trying to get President Trump and his sausage fingers kicked off Twitter. On Tuesday, the senator and Democratic presidential candidate wrote a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, stating that she believes Trump violated Twitter’s user agreement regarding targeted harassment and inciting violence against a group or individual.

“In recent days, President Trump published the following tweets from his Twitter account to target, harass, and attempt to out the whistleblower who set forth credible allegations that the President has abused his power by urging a foreign government to investigate a domestic political rival,” Harris wrote. She also cited Trump’s tweets targeting House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and his tweet mulling the hypothetical “Civil War” that would ensue over his potential impeachment:


“I believe the President’s recent tweets rise to the level that Twitter should consider suspending his account,” Harris wrote, citing the suspension of right-wing blowhards and assorted assholes like Alex Jones, Martin Shkreli, and James Woods. “Others have had their accounts suspended for less offensive behavior. And when this kind of abuse is being spewed from the most powerful office in the United States, the stakes are too high to do nothing.”

She concluded, “No user, regardless of their job, wealth, or stature should be exempt from abiding by Twitter’s user agreement, not even the President of the United States.”

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Ya that’s not happening, Jack won’t kick his bff off his free app, because you know presidential harassment.