Jon Ossoff Will Face Karen Handel in Georgia's 6th Congressional District's Runoff in June

The race for the seat vacated by United States Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District was close, but will ultimately be decided in a runoff in June.


CNN is projecting that with at least 77 percent of the votes in, a runoff will be required as no candidate on the ballot secured the requisite 50 percent of votes. Democrat Jon Ossoff will face Republican Karen Handel in June. Unofficial return numbers as reported by the Washington Post show Ossoff with 48.6 percent; Handel got less than 20 percent of the vote, but the threat of a Democrat in a seat that has long been held by the Republicans will surely be enough to mobilize the party into action.

Polls closed at 7 p.m., but the results have been delayed by what the Fulton County Board of Elections called a “rare technical error” with a memory card. Ossoff got a strong start with a 71 percent lead that shrank as the evening wore on. President Donald Trump took time out of his packed schedule of flying back and forth to Mar-a-Lago and hitting the links to tweet a flurry of shit about the election, urging Republicans in Georgia to get out and vote.

Because a true narcissist never rests, he even took the time to share his thoughts about the likely results of the election, taking credit for the results himself and spinning what was actually a loss for the Republicans into a win.

The “help” he refers to is a robocall he recorded urging Republicans to vote in the special election that lasted for over one minute.

The 6th district in Georgia has been held by the likes of Newt Gingrich and has been a Republican stronghold for over 40 years. Ossoff is a former congressional staffer and political newcomer who managed to raise a staggering $8 million ahead of this election. Handel is a woman who, as Secretary of State for Georgia, tried to restrict voter’s rights by requiring voters to prove their citizenship in order to vote, resulting in a lawsuit in 2008. Ossoff nearly flipped a solid-red district full of wealthy conservatives with whom President Trump is proving to be very unpopular.


Speaking to the crowd at his party, Ossoff said “We will be ready to fight on and win in June if it’s necessary. Bring it on.”

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