Join Me in Closely Observing Melania's Face While President Trump Got Booed at the World Series

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President Trump was met with a stadium full of boos on Sunday night in Washington, D.C., after his face appeared on the Jumbotron at game five of the World Series. Trump’s realization that the crowd hated him—featuring a hearty chorus of “lock him up!” for good measure—caused his face to drop like a lead balloon, and even Melania could only maintain her fake smile for so long.

Here we have the First Lady doing everything she can to keep that smile plastered on her face:


And here, we see how quickly it falls:

Good job, Melania. Don’t let the America people get you down!

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I honestly feel like something like this will be what brings him down. Not legal issues, or ethical will be something like a crowd booing and wounding his fragile little ego that will cause him to quit and let the world know, arms crossed and lip sticking out, that he didn’t want to be president anyway!