John Oliver and Last Week Tonight Tackle the Pernicious Medicaid Gap

We’ve all been very riveted by the horrifying sideshow shenanigans of Donald Trump and the rest of the clowns running for the American presidency. But as Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver points out, there are important elections happening in four different states, oh, Tuesday.


That’s right—Kentucky, New Jersey, Mississippi and Virginia are all electing governors and/or state legislators. That matters for several reasons. For instance, governors in particular have a great deal of power over whether to accept federal money to expand Medicaid, which determines the size of their state’s Medicaid gap—the financial crevasse where you’re too well off for Medicaid but too poor for subsidized insurance.

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My canadian brain can’t even begin to comprehend. I had a colonoscopy and I didn’t even want one. And here this lady needs one desperately and her state government is just saying no. No, you get to die. Or try and qualify for a loan that you can’t pay back, I guess? It’s so bizarre.