John Kasich, a toddler screaming for the entire duration of an international flight, has reached the stage in his overlong and grating campaign for the GOP nomination in which the only needs he can truly serve are those of the ironic youth of America.

“Hey Nico, it would be ‘Kay-sick’ if you would go to the prom with Julia,” John Kasich said in a promposal video with Julia Khan, a 17-year-old high school senior, filmed after a town hall in San Francisco.


An auspicious beginning for any young romance—unfortunately for Kasich, Khan, from Los Altos, CA, is planning on voting for Clinton in the state’s June primary and was simply using Kasich as a prop.

“My prom date and I are both Clinton supporters,” Khan, who evidently values her reproductive rights, told ABC News. “So I guess it was just an opportunity to have a presidential candidate help me ask my friend to prom.”


It’s great that he’s making himself useful, you know?

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