On Tuesday morning, John Kasich apologized to Wolf Blitzer, and to America, for saying that “women leaving their kitchens” had helped him in the 1978 Ohio state Senate race.


“Anybody would be offended of course,” Kasich said on CNN. “Sometimes when you operate on a high wire without a net, sometimes you’ll fall off and not say things exactly the way you want to.”


“But let me be clear,” he baldly pivoted, “the beginning of my campaign for public office, I did town halls, except they were in people’s homes. They were at breakfast tables, they were in the evening when we had coffee, and I recruited people. And I want to be clear, we had a lot of women that played a major role in my political campaign, in my political life, and they still do.”

He noted that many of his best employees are also women, including his chief of staff-turned-campaign manager, his lieutenant governor, and his only state supreme court nominee.

Blitzer eventually pushes him to stop explaining himself and just say sorry, which he does.

Congrats to all the men involved in this relatively painless television exchange.


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