Jezebel Investigates: How Tall Is Bernie Sanders?

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Last month, while wiser people were off the clock and enjoying their holiday, I was wondering about Bernie Sanders’s height. More specifically, I told my fellow Jezebel staffers that a cursory Google search lists his height at “6'0",” which seems impossible for someone who emits such strong short king energy. Surely, I thought to myself and then aloud, only a beloved shortie could confidently defend the notion that everyone should have healthcare and that billionaires are bad for democracy? It appeared that much of my team agreed, except, some were quick to note, that he appears tall in the Democratic debates. I’ve never thought to consider his height in those moments, but it might be true. This could be a long guy:

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Then, last week, something amazing happened. My boyfriend told me he saw Bernie Sanders recently, and this was the first description out of his mouth: “He’s, like, really tall.” He, too, was surprised by this news! And was able to confirm it with his own eyes!

Unable to continue living an ignorant life myself, on Friday, I emailed Sanders’s Deputy Communications Director Sarah Ford. I gave her a much more abridged version of my story, essentially informing her that all of my favorite sites, such as, list Sanders at a cool 6'0". “As you and I both know, the Internet can only be trusted so much,” I pleaded with her. “So now I’m asking you to confirm, if you could: How tall is Bernie Sanders? Is he really 6'0"?”


She wrote back that same day:

“Hey Maria- That’s right.”

And there you have it! He’s 6'0". A tall king.

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The Ron Swanson of Westeros

In fairness, I’ve noted before that certain people have an almost perma-Photoshopped quality to them, as if they’ve always been awkwardly CGI’ed into a scene even when they’re just standing around, because their stated proportions don’t seem to fit the reality around them. I’ve mentioned before that Megyn Kelly seems like she should be tall; She’s listed as 5'6", which with 3" heels should make her about 5'9", which should be about right. Charlize Theron is 5'10", and she pretty uncannily portrayed her recently.

And then you see her in context with her family, or occasionally Bobby Finger, and you think to yourself “either she’s actually about 5'3" and has the bones of a hummingbird, or everyone around her is a starting offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys.”

I don’t see it myself, but I can see why Bernie might elicit a similar response in Maria.