Jeff Sessions Warns Students That Universities Are Becoming 'Shelter For Fragile Egos'

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is just a few public appearances away from demanding we bend the knee (and not in the protesting way), I can feel it.

On Tuesday, the Justice Department head gave a speech at Georgetown University’s law school, in which he tried out some shockingly bad propaganda on the invite-only audience, claiming, for instance that universities are attacking free speech. “The American university was once the center of academic freedom, a place of robust debate, a forum for the competition of ideas,” Sessions told the crowd. “But it is transforming into an echo chamber of political correctness and homogenous thought, a shelter for fragile egos.”


This is what therapists call “projection” and all it means is that Jeff Sessions is a dangerous asshole.

Case in point, this also happened:

Also on Tuesday, but later, Sessions verbally scolded NFL players who protested this racist administration on Sunday, saying, “every American should salute the flag.”

Sessions’ visit to Georgetown reminded me of Trump’s insane Liberty University commencement speech, delivered in May, in which he boasted about the huge number of times he’s been invited to speak at Jerry Falwell’s school (three), and warned the outgoing students not to become critical thinkers. Turns out, telling people not to be critical and telling people to be more free amount to the same set of policies and beliefs if language has been sufficiently depleted of meaning! “Nothing is easier or more pathetic than being a critic,” Trump said then, “because they’re people that can’t get the job done.”


Spoken like a truly deranged hypocrite. Anyone else wish they could crush the words “politically correct” like an aluminum can every time they hear them for being so fucking generic and dumb?

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