Jeb Bush Isn't Afraid to Speak the Truth: Supergirl Is 'Pretty Hot'

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Fatigued presidential candidate Jeb Bush was being interviewed at the LIBRE Forum at the College of Southern Nevada on Wednesday evening when he was asked who his favorite superhero was. Apparently, he is into Supergirl, the protagonist in the CBS series for tweens who aren’t afraid to lean in.


“I saw that there is a Supergirl on TV, I saw it when I was working out this morning,” he responded. “There’s an ad promoting Supergirl. She looked kinda— she looked pretty hot. I’m looking forward to that.”

“That’ll make news,” he reportedly mused moments later.

Is Jeb! tired? Is he punting the rest of the election season? Has he decided to take a page out of Donald Trump’s wildly successful election guide The Art of Not Giving A Fuck?

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