Ivanka's Time in the Special Counsel Spotlight May Be Approaching! Or Not! Who Knows!

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Questions are beginning to swirl about Ivanka Trump—President Trump’s most trusted advisor and also his daughter that he might want to date—and her involvement in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Or rather, her marked lack of involvement. She has yet to be questioned by Mueller, and this Politico piece wants to know why goddammit!!! Well, they claim they already know why, but it’s mostly a choose your own adventure situation.

Could be:

“She’s involved in everything,” said one former White House adviser who has previously clashed with the Trump children. “It’s odd. Unless they consider her that ‘T’ word.”

So far, only Ivanka Trump’s Washington enemies are actively floating the idea that she might be a “target” of Mueller’s investigation — and therefore not called in as a witness.



One question focuses on what Trump knew during the transition about Kushner’s efforts to establish a back channel of communication with Russia — raising another possibility: that Ivanka Trump hasn’t been called because Kushner, her husband, is under scrutiny. Ivanka Trump would be shielded by spousal privilege from answering any questions that might incriminate Kushner.


Peter Mirijanian, a spokesman for Abbe Lowell, Ivanka Trump’s ethics attorney and Kushner’s lawyer, said in a statement: “That POLITICO is now doing an article on why Ms. Trump has not done anything to merit an article is the definition of making up the news. Media outlets should know and act better than doing that and becoming a vehicle for those with an axe to grind.”


So basically nobody actually knows! But which adventure do you prefer? If spousal privilege shenanigans is up your alley, turn to page oh-my-god-this-palace-intrigue-shit-is-getting-tedious-but-I-can’t-look-away-help.

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