Ivanka Trump's Company Is Sorry It Used Her 60 Minutes Appearance to Sell an Ugly Bracelet

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Entrepreneur Ivanka Trump was by her father’s side on Sunday night on 60 Minutes as the president-elect explained how he plans to torment women seeking abortions. You may not have been able to keep your mind on what he was saying because of a certain shiny trinket glinting on Ivanka’s slim, patrician wrist.

Soon after, a few journalists tweeted about getting a “Style Alert” from Ivanka Trump Jewelry letting them know that Ivanka was wearing “her favorite bangle from the Metropolis Collection” during the broadcast. Sunday Styles reporter Katie Rossum shared a screenshot, and New York Times writer Amanda Hess was offended to discover a two thousand dollar price difference from Washington Post editor Rebecca Sinderbrand’s offer:


Deadline reports that the sales pitch didn’t go over well:

The sales gimmick might have backfired, though. Recipients of the style alert seemed, well, alerted, but not in the way Brand Trump might have hoped. They quickly re-tweeted the promo. By this evening, the plug had become a talking point on a CNN panel discussion about Donald Trump’s desire to get top-secret clearance for his business-handling kids.


Her company is apparently sorry, writing in a statement:

This notification was sent by a well-intentioned marketing employee at one of our companies who was following customary protocol, and who, like many of us, is still making adjustments post-election. We are proactively discussing new policies and procedures with all of our partners going forward.


No word yet on how her father’s post-election adjustments to his business are going.

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