Ivanka Trump Makes America Great Again in an Imported Dress

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Image via Getty

Last night at the Republican National Convention, Ivanka Trump opened for her father, promising that “a Trump Presidency will turn the economy”—while wearing a bland sheath dress that was almost certainly more of a boon to the economy of Ivanka Trump than the economy of America.

Like any competent businessperson, Ivanka used the huge stage of last night’s convention as an opportunity to shill for her own brand, wearing a $138 dress from the Ivanka Trump collection.


In a show of basic social media acumen, the next morning she tweeted a link to buy the dress from Macys.com. Predictably, the peddling worked: the dress is now “unavailable.”

In a twist you can already see coming, Ivanka stood on stage suggesting that her father will turn around the American economy while wearing a dress that isn’t doing too much to help the American economy. Like her father’s tacky line of suits and ties, Ivanka’s dresses are also produced in China. Sad!

Screenshot via Macys
Screenshot via Macys

In her speech, Ivanka argued that her father would somehow do something other than completely destroy our economy.

A Trump Presidency will turn the economy around and restore the great American tradition of giving each new generation hope for brighter opportunities than those of the generation that came before.


Ah yes, a great American tradition—like American manufacturing, which she doesn’t seem to be on board with. The issue isn’t overseas manufacturing per se, but the fact that Donald Trump has, for example, refused to eat Oreos because Nabisco moved a factory from Chicago to Mexico, eliminating American jobs.

I’m feeling a pang of guilt watching all this: before her Cheeto-faced father became the living embodiment of ignorance and evil, I quit liked Ivanka’s line of shoes. Granted, almost all of them are comical knockoffs for which she has been rightfully sued, but who among us hasn’t bought the $120 fast fashion version of a $600 designer product?


Sharing the guilt with me today I hope—but know they aren’t—are sites like PeopleStyle, which published a slobbering story on where to snag Ivanka’s outfits, acting as a de facto advertisement for this family.


There’s really nothing new to see here, but here’s hoping that incessant reminders of Donald Trump and Company’s habitual deceit and blatant disregard for policies and actions that are actually helpful to Americans will do something—literally anything—to slow down the disaster in front of us.

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Can someone explain to me why a millionaire didn’t think to get her dress TAILORED?

This entire shit-show was amateur hour and, as the entire campaign has been, is one long commercial for Trump Branded products which are ill-fitting, terrible quality, made in sweatshops and in general a terrible idea for the American Public.

The clothes are shitty as well.